Gothic design Atelier ABYSS

Representative artists: Illustrator & Designer Chie

Since I was a child, I have been interested in something black or something that makes me feel deep darkness.
With the theme of "Products born from the dark bottom," design illustration products have been developed. Above all, collaboration knives made in the collaboration with metal work craftsmen in Mikicity, Hyogo, one of the greatest towns of metal work in Japan, are the products mixing Japan born Gothic-Lolita fashion with traditional craft; and with the concept of "Unconventional fusion of culture that Japan boasts to the world," new fronts having both of cutting and design qualities are expressed. Brand that cherishes spirituality and mentality to express the deep dark.

Kitchen Knife, JULIETTE (commonly called "Goth-Loli knife")

One of the representative products of Gothic-knife series Not only appearance but the cutting quality is the best. In large media such as the Internet, it is called "Lolita knife" or "Goth-Loli knife" attracting public attention. As a style of new Japanese knives, as well as with the hope that we want young people to have interest in this knife, this knife has been made.


The Prayer of a maiden reached to the heavens, The god gave her white wings.


Drink up the blood and stand by the chasm of death.
The rotten wings will dwell in a rotty old tree by the blood river, and give you the shadowy wolrd that you want.

The Apocalypse of angel and the devil. ~ Apocalypse ~

Greed and passion, War and Peace, love and hatred, the truth and a lie, good and evil, white and black.
These real kitchen knives will awaken "something" tingling deep inside you.

Mikhail is an angel kitchen knife designed on the image of an ephemeral angel.
The form of the wings was designed in a way to look like it is falling. It has a blade with a cross cut out with a die, and a dress associated with the image of a bride and which is attached with a wicked weightily chain. Both the blade and the cross part are made of the same laminated/Damascus steel.
(the dress and accessory part can both be removed)

In contrast to the angel kitchen knife Mikhail, Lucifer is a real cooking knife designed on the image of the dark devil.
The magic circle is engraved on the blade, and the wings of sinister form were designed like they were flying ahead.
We insisted on the noxious expression of the dress and used laminated/Damascus steel for both the blade and the cross part.
(the dress part can be removed)

Lolita Elementary School
Rabbit Class “Lappin”, Rose Class “Juliette”

The derivation work of Lolita kitchen knife, the Gothic Lolita kitchen knife.
Never seen before, these kitchen knives have sharp edge contrary to the image their cawaii appearance may give to them.
They were created, hoping for even more people to use them, and in the spirit of pursuing new ideas while preserving the tradition.
Traditionally forge cast, handmade products, each blade shows a different pattern. Lappin with the motif of a rabbit, Juliette with the motif of a butterfly, will certainly make your daily cooking a special moment.

MAD Hospital
Room606 “Lappin”, Room 404 “Juliette”

Don’t leave me alone. I am lonely…Stay with me all the time.
Lappin harms herself. Juliet does not have a friend. Poison drips from her body. Please be together all the time.

Blacksmith~Japanese-style knife craftsman~

Mitsuo Nagao, the fifth generation of Nagao Kanekoma Seisakusho. Nagao Kanekoma Seisakusho has earnestly made knives from 1894 (27th year of Meiji) until today. The only craftsman that makes Higonokami knives in Japan.

Gothic Insect Knife, Higonokami, Aranea and Papilio

An edged point looking like a Japanese sward with surprising design such as spiderwebs or butterfly wings on the back Not only its appearance, this mysterious but beautiful Japanese-style knife is made by the traditional forging method called "Smith forging." In the furnace of about 800-degree C., the more the red-hotted sward body is struck, the more the impurities of steel will be removed to increase the hardness resulting in better cutting quality.Collaboration products made in the collaboration between Higonokami knife succeeded for more than 100 years and Gothic -designs They are utility knives usable for, such as, pencil sharpeners, outdoor life, and cutting food materials.